Top four things to do on your London fall holidays.

So the summer was smashing with great beach days and long warm night at the seaside. Time to pack the bags and check out an unusual place for the fall, but believe me it will be more than exciting. Check out London!

Your immediate reaction will be – oh, rainy days, hello gloomy sky. You couldn’t be more wrong!

For us, Londoners, autumn or fall whatever you call it, it’s just the time to enjoy the last days of the Indian summer. There is plenty of activities and things to do in London in the open in September and early October.

1. Visit Hyde Park

One of the lovely things about London is the amazing green space it offers to us. Hyde Park spreads over 350 acres and if you enjoy a nice walk and a beautiful scenery, you can tick in one go the famous landmarks including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. We recommend spending some time with the swans and mandarin ducks at the Serpentine Lake, and sip a warm cup of cappuccino at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen. Just watching the busy locals cycle by and energetic runners while you are chilling out will make you feel part of the city and get an amazing energy recharge.

Hyde Park on London fall holidays

Serpentine Lake

It takes its name from its snakelike, curving shape, although it only has one bend and there are no snakes in the area.

Memorial Fountain

A memorial dedicated to Diana, Princess of Wales. It has a form of a large, oval stream bed in a lush grassy field.

The Rose Garden

Beautiful garden in the south east corner of Hyde Park, south of Serpentine Road near Hyde Park Corner.

2. Visit Bushy Park in Richmond

Take the train from Waterloo or hop on the Tube and travel to Richmond. I bet you would never imagined that so close to the busy centre, only some 20 minutes there is a magic place, called the Bushy Park where locals spend their weekends. Why do I call it magic? Well, it is pretty surreal to see the Red and Fallow Deers strolling a few yards from you, while in the background you have beautifully crafted landscape with ponds and streams. Not a nature admirer? Oh, don’t despair. For us the urban creatures there is a great place called The Pheasantry Cafe is located in the Woodland Gardens at Bushy Park, just some 10 minutes walk if you arrive in Hampton Court Station. So get on the train and away from the busy streets, and you won’t forget this memory of London.

Bushy Park Deer during London fall holidays

3. Visit Battersea Park

Cross the Thames River from Chelsea through the gorgeous Albert Bridge and visit Battersea Park. The Park has amazing and old history (we will go over it in a separate post, do check out later) but what you should not miss out is that with over 4000 trees, many of which date back to the original layout of 1858. Chestnut trees, Chinese Privet, Lebanese Cedar, Japanese Pagoda Sophora Japonicapendula, Golden Cappadocian Maple Acer and many more great species. There is a fall master piece you want to take home with your photos.

Battersea Park Pogoda during London fall holidays

4. Visit Regent’s Park

The Regent’s Park, designed by John Nash, spreads over 395 acres. It’s most famous part of Queen Mary’s Gardens which features more than 12,000 roses of 400 varieties, as well as the gloriously restored William Andrews Nesfield’s Avenue Gardens. Sure the fall (autumn) time is not when you roses are blooming, but the garden landscape and tranquilness of the Japanese garden and wide lake is one that you see for yourself. Your London fall holidays won’t be complete without a good photo session at the Japanese garden. I should also mentioned that in the evening is you are lucky to get hold of a ticket, there is a chance to visit the the Open Air Theatre. If you decide to come in the early morning, then you have fair chance to see the London Zoo, Primrose Hill, the country’s largest free to access waterfowl collection.

Regents Park

STILL NOT SURE WHAT TO DO in London in the fall?

Send us questions, feedback. Let us know if you have better ideas, and we need to improve the suggestions. We are always open to expand our horizons.

Our mission is to give you the non-pure tourist view of the city, and to let you immerse into the athmosphere of the locals. Feel like a Londoner and be welcome on our lovely city.